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The original reads, ''By the name of KINE, granted and confirmed 4 October 1613, to Sir Thomas Kinne of Norfolk and his descendents of the name.'' - Knighted by King James I and later a Baronet, only to be forced into Holland by King Charles I for his Protestant beliefs. Part of his family preceded him to the colonies, settling in Plymouth, MA, and Dover, NH  (click for more ~;-)
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"Whether the spelling be KINNE or KEENE or KINNEY or KEENEY or KEENY or another favorite spelling, we claim the same ancestry."

Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr., Family Historian

That's ''keyknee''

with three 'e's, and only one 'n'


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

by Daniel Adrian Keeney of Cow.Creekgeek~;-)

If your surname is Keeney, then you are smiling as you remember. Oh, that gaze of confusion that prompted you to say this very same thing along with, "Oh, that's alright..." But, as a Keeney, have you noticed that when a stranger gets it right the first time, it becomes you with the confused look ... and another new friend that smiles? They remember another Keeney, and it's time we take notice.

Keeney.com is proudly dedicated to the needs of our ''keyknee'' families; It is your name that others place their trust in, and this is a place where we can easily be found ... Our family and associates, friends and foes: We welcome you into our home.

The Pages of Keeney.com (I'm workin' on it ~;-)
Keeney.com is changing ... didn't you notice?

I'm no guru, but I appreciate this opportunity to serve our family. God wants us all to serve, in whatever manner He chooses; I have met family that, if not for Keeney.com, I would have never known ... I can't imagine any greater reward than this, and I invite you to become involved in any way you wish; in any way you can.

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''I'm watching over our neighborhood ~;-)''
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